Our Mission

To provide people 55 years of age and over and those with designated disabilities, according to the BC Government with affordable rental housing. We provide a caring, safe and supportive environment for their enjoyment. To provide a place where community is nurtured and supported with heart.

Our Society's Mandate


1.  Our mandate is to operate as a charitable non-profit organization (without profits for its members) for the purpose of constructing, providing, maintaining, leasing owning and managing one or more low-rental housing projects for low to moderately low-income senior citizens, and for such other persons as may be designated by the Province of British Columbia.


2.  We are a registered charity and as such our receipts may be used to help offset your income taxes.  We receive charitable donations including cash, land, properties, securities, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other types of securities.  We also accept living wills.  Contact our Treasurer, who will be pleased to discuss the benefits you can gain by donating securities directly to our charity, (office 250-741-8856 or email


3.  To apply for all lawful and necessary grants in aid, and to do our utmost to fulfill our mandate in a loving and caring way.

Our Guiding Principles

● Provide Affordable Independent Living for our Residents
● Safe, Secure and Affordable Housing
● Provide a Caring Environment
● Committed and Supportive Staff and Board of Directors
● Treat Everyone with Respect and Dignity
● Create a Supportive Community

Senior men playing cards for socia media
WSCHS Housing Complex - Street View

Woodgrove Seniors Citizens Housing

Aerial View, Wschs Neighborhood 2